Best Features

Featuring completely customizable solutions to meet business needs, e-SupplyLink developed automated software with endless possibilities.

EDI/ERP Integration

ComplyLink automated B2B shipping software integrates with any EDI translator and ERP order management system.

Accurate 856 ASN Reporting

ComplyLink automatically generates advanced shipping notices to send to clients alerting them of crucial information regarding their merchandise.

Various Scanning Processes

ComplyLink supports various scanning processes such as scan/create, scan/pack, scan/pick, scan/verify.

Completely Customizable

We designed our software to adapt to the needs of your business, never the other way around.

Statistical Analysis

SOMLink monitors order size, frequency and pattern.

Order of Interest Reporting

SOMLink sends all suspicious orders to the DEA for them to investigate via their standard operating procedures.

Built in Repository

Our activity archive holds notes, reports and updates from orders. These notes can not be deleted or modified, but new notes can be added into clients' accounts.


As supply chains continue to evolve, everything brings an impact on our software, which we continually analyze and adapt to meet the demand of manufacturers and distributors.

160ASN Kits

Different ASN kits for each retailer


On server or in Cloud format

Accurate Labels

ComplyLink creates GS1-128 labels or B-10 PDF417 labels for specific industry requirements

Scan & Pack Routines

ComplyLink supports up to 9 different scan and pack routines

30ASN Kits

Different ASN kits for each automaker

Trading Partners

we work with more than 300 different trading partners

Reporting Features

ComplyLink supports reporting features like bills of lading, VICS bill of lading, packing lists and carton contents


Works with any windows software

Download Specs PDF


That capture suspicious orders right away


SOMLink allows multiple users to view orders of interest and make notes


Orders of interest notifications are sent directly via email to administrators.

Defensive Algorithms

We have 18 different algorithms to catch orders of interest

Reduce Risk for Business

Our suspicious order monitoring software, SOMLink. plays an essential role making sure businesses comply with the DEA 21 CFR 1301.7b regulation.

Designed Around Your Business

ComplyLink works for retail, automotive, and pharmaceutical suppliers and manufacturers. We design our automated B2B shipping to offer customized solutions to meet your needs, ensuring it prints accurate GS1-128 or B-10 PDF417 labels that contain imperative information for your client.

Make it yours

Ever wished your order database could automatically update itself as it moved through the supply chain? Every scan of an SCC-14 barcode or GS1-128/B-10 PDF417 label creates complete order visibility within the supply chain.

Product Reviews

Don't take it from us, listen to what some of our current clients have to say about our supply chain solutions software.

Justin Alderman

System Adminstrator

Before e-SupplyLink, we had no warehouse management system for INNOVA, which meant no organization. We worked with Todd to install ComplyLink and he completely customized his software to meet our needs. What was a process that took almost all day, with ComplyLink we cut that time to a couple hours. We can pick/pack our orders and it’s nice having a system that will print accurate GS1-128 labels and ASNs. This software easily integrates with third party systems, in fact we’re currently connecting it with NetSuite to track all orders through ComplyLink. Todd’s a great guy to work with, and won’t nickel and dime for every call and quick fix. I recommend e-SupplyLink to anyone looking for a process that is not complicated and wants it up and running quickly.

Great to work with

Easily Integrated into Existing Order Management Tools

Our solutions integrate with any EDI translator or ERP/finacial order management system. Linking with third party software like NetSuite and QuickBooks is a key focus for us. With our single label entry, orders, invoices and advanced shipping notices can be integrated with ease.

Protect Your Business From Excessive Fines

Simple, flexible and customizable. Allow our automated software to ease your order management, and reduce errors and risk.

18 Defensible Algorithms

18 Defensible Algorithms

Orders are tested by 18 defensible algorithms in SOMLink to see if they are approve, or if they are orders on interest. This ensures compliance with with the DEA regulations and the “Know Your Customer” policy.

DEA Adviser Consultancy

DEA Adviser Consultancy

We work with DEA Advisers to ensure our software is up-to-date with the drug enforcement administration regulations.

Built in Repository

Built in Repository

SOMLink has a built in repository that tracks order frequency, size and pattern, and compares future orders to the stored information. These notes cannot be altered or deleted, but additional notes can be

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